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Sony World Photography Awards 2013 – Open Competition (World Photography Organisation)


Mine image “Curonian Lagoon” has been commended in the top 50 images in the Travel Category in the Open Competition of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards.

It has been selected from 54,851 images entered from 170 countries.

Photograph was taken February 2012 in Nida, Lithuania.

The Curonian Lagoon is separated from the Baltic Sea by the Curonian Split. The Curonian Spit stretches from the Sambian Penisula on the south to its northern tip next to a narrow strait, across which is the port city of Klaipėda on the mainland of Lithuania. The northern 52 km long stretch of the Curonian Spit peninsula belongs to Lithuania, while the rest is part of the Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. The Curonian Split was formed about 3rd millenium BC. A glacial moraine served as its foundation; winds and sea currents later contributed enough sand to raise and keep the formation above sea level. The existence of this narrow shoal is inherently threatened by the natural processes that govern coastal shoreline features. It depends on a dynamic balance between sand transport and deposition. If (hypothetically) the source area to the south-west were cut off, say, by a large port construction with a pier, the Spit would erode and eventually disappear. It is thus a geologically speaking ephemeral coast element. The most likely development, however, is that the shallow bay inside the Spit will eventually fill up with sediment, thus creating new land.


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