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Thar Desert or The Great Indian Desert, as Indians proudly call it, stretches of sand in the desert are interspersed by hillocks of sandy and gravel plains, could more accurately be described as a savanna with a steppe like vegetation. The temperatures fluctuate enormously between the heat of the day and the coldness at night. Rainfall is low and water is found deep below the ground. Even though life is miserable, uncertain and tough, it’s full of action and thrill.

“Thar and my heart are the two names of the same desert”, once wrote Mazhar-ul-Islam, the famous writer. Hearing this for the first time it seems nothing more than a romanticized idea of a desert. After all, how much magic can sand cast on one…

With these lines I will start sharing photos from journey in Rajasthan (2013)  called “Heat”


Taken in Jodhpur, Gulab Sabar


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  1. Welcome back… looking forward to more from this series.

    July 7, 2013 at 20:54

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