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Unbroken dream



Bus driver made a sharp U-turn waking me up from the slumbering. Warm, bright and sunny day; cloudless blue skies and emerald green waters; small fishing village with a temple on the shore and couple of shack shops selling colorful balloons and souvenir statues of the Hindu deities; few stray dogs and non-existing bus stop at the end of the sandy road appeared in the window as I got up.

I have reached another sea. That very sentence stuck in my head the minute this fascinating picture at the shore of the Arabian Sea revealed itself. The tranquility of the place felt magic and hypnotic. I was deeply enthralled by the charm of it and didn’t learn the name of the village; later, realizing that, I decided to leave it that way.

Reaching another sea may seem like an ordinary event, however this time it felt different, a dream like. Even now, when I close my eyes, I still see and feel the alchemy of it. Perhaps I was dreaming…


On the bus from Junagadh to Dwarka (Gujarat, India)

November 3rd, 2015


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