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Rural Rajasthan, India (2015)


Shadows of the youth (Thar Desert)



Rajasthan, India

Midday observations

Midday sun was at its peak. Shadows falling on the ground were short and it will take a few hours till they start to grow longer. Sitting on the steps in the shade of an old tree by the Ranisar Talab felt just right. Coolness of the lake waters, shadow from the tree and mild breeze was a pleasant refuge from the harsh midday sun. Birds and a few slow moving monkeys, on the wall and an old tree, were the only companions for a while. An old man came to take a dip in the lake. Few people came to the little temple for the midday darshan. All were quite in their thoughts and prayers, only the temple bell echoed above the lake, announcing of their visit.  Such an idyllic noon.



Rajasthan, India